Aftermarket Services and Repair

Petroleum Machinery, Inc. leverages our in-house expertise and capabilities to provide our clients with liable and cost-effective repair for their pressure control products. Guided by API 16AR and our quality management system we continue to provide the best in class repairs.

BOP Stack Annular Double Single Ram

List of services:

Petroleum Machinery, Inc. provides BOP overhauls in accordance with API 16AR to meet your required 5-year schedules for equipment repair. Any make, model, size, or pressure "Original Equipment Manufacturer” (OEM) BOP can be “Rebranded” to become a Petroleum Machinery, Inc. BOP as Petroleum Machinery will become the “Current Equipment Manufacturer” (CEM).

Detailed inspection and testing of each BOP allow Petroleum Machinery to capture and maintain all critical dimensions and repair back to in-house designs and tolerances. Upon full repair back to CEM standards; Petroleum Machinery tests the BOP and provides a “Certificate of Conformance” (COC) to be added with the client’s data book. A full detailed data package is provided with all new and remanufactured BOPs.

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